Executive Protection


Executive Protection primarily deals with protective security for high profile clients and their family and support staff in residences, work places or travels. The objective is to minimize inconvenience and mitigate any prevalent threats that exist in the client’s surroundings.




Comprehensive Approach


KNIGHTS ARMOR Executive Protection centers on taking a comprehensive approach involving threat analysis, advance planning and protocols, logistical sophistications designed to balance the comfort level of our clients with proper security procedures, and thorough emergency response and crisis management planning. Our approach promises a fine balance of staying unobtrusive and implementing the necessary protective security procedures.

Uncompromised Quality


KNIGHTS ARMOR has been providing clients with the uncompromised quality Executive Protection and Personal Security Details for years and it has in that capacity protected high profile personnel and assets for governmental departments, MNC corporations and international security organizations operating in the Asian region.Our EP team operatives has extensive military, intelligence and law enforcement experiences and are specifically trained and certified to providing the highest level of EP professionalism and confidential service to assure client is protected from any intentional, un-intentional threats or embarrassing situations.

Commited to Understanding

KNIGHTS ARMOR is committed to understanding each of the client's need and effectively implementing security measures appropriate to their environment and requirements. Risk, threat and vulnerability assessments are conducted and recommendations are made to safeguard critical key personnel and assets. The Executive Protection services focus on protecting the client in every possible means.










  • Personal Protection
  • Travel Protection
  • Event and Venue Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Corporate Protection
  • Executive Assistance
  • Security Drivers
  • Secured Transportation